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I kongens baghave, er blevet udvalgt til et af verdens bedste hostel i verden.

Vi var så heldige at bloggeren Kash kom forbi Fredensborg vandrerhjem..
og synes om det han så.

Kash driver bloggen, hvor han har 100.000 besøgende om måneden. Derudover har han 70.000 følgere på de sociale medier. Han har for nylig udgivet bogen ”The Grand Hostels”, som er en rejseguide til de bedste hostels i verden.

Fredensborg After a nice large cup of filter coffee and my customary Wienerbrød, we board our train to Fredensborg, which would be our base for the next few days. It’s a sleepy little town by the beautiful Lake Esrum. There’s nothing much to occupy you here other than the not so small issue that it is home to the Queen and King of Denmark – the stunning Fredensborg Palace, often referred to as Denmark’s Versailles. The other not so small fact was that we were going
to be neighbours of the Queen and King for the next 2 nights, staying at the
​Fredensborg Vandrerhjem hostel.

It’s quite cosy with a very ‘hyggelig’ lounge, beautiful antique and recycled furniture and a fireplace to warm yourself at night. You can enjoy your coffee or beer in the evening sun on their terrace or enjoy a long walk in their extensive gardens, which is adjacent to the palace. Apparently, the Queen often passes through the hostel on the odd evening. Our room, facing onto the King’s backyard is simple but comfortable with an ensuite bathroom.

After a lovely welcome and chat with the friendly owners – Charlotte and Anders (also briefly playing with their beautiful cat, Xavi) we finally went for a little stroll in our ‘backyard’ to checkout the grounds of our royal neighbours. With the Queen and King in residence, we could not visit the castle but were free to roam the beautifully manicured 250 year old gardens which is a nice mix of Baroque-Romanticism influences. One of the unique features that catches your eye here is the beautiful ‘The Valley of the Norsemen’ – a collection of 70 sculptures of Norwegian and Faroese farmers and fishermen that were created by a Norwegian post driver called Jørgen Christensen Garnaas.